"Season of the witch" visualisation

Today I finally finished my first visualisation. Any critiques would be enthusiastically appreciated. Thank you guys.

Wow absolutely stunning! It’s extremely difficult to tell that it’s not a photo. Well done! Especially the threads on the cloth.

Thank you a lot! Yes, it took long, with the threads)

This is a pretty nice render, but for me this nail varnish looks odd. Firstly, on the last render, the bottle is a little bit too glossy for my taste. Secondly, it would took months for my nail varnish to totally dribble from the bottle :slight_smile: so this perfectly clear glass is weird. I would left some drops. :slight_smile: I really like the idea of seven sins and I’d love to join the party, but I just painted my nails with sloth :slight_smile:

ahhahah)) Welcome to the party!)) And thank you for your suggestions, make sense! You actually have a good eye, this too glossy bottle wasn’t so glossy after the render, it become so after in photoshop. So… probably, it was too much))

The texture resolution of the table cloth could be higher, it’s not holding up that well. You can kinda get away with it because it is cloth, but if you compare in the last shot the sharpness of the logo on the bottle to the cloth you can see a stark difference. Lighting also is a bit gloomy for my taste, looks like a dark room illuminated with a front flash camera, like an amateur photo not a studio one (which I assume you are aiming at?) Take a look at this:

There’s a lot more light coming from the back and sides.

Just some toughts.

Thank you, make sense!