A simple animation for showreel. I’d modified old static scene and it’s became alive :slight_smile:

Render: Cycles (2 x GTX 760 4gb)

Work process:

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nice work !!!


Really nice work!!!
I am interested in knowing more about how you made the plants grow and the architectural elements fall into place. For the later was it merely keyed location key thing? Ah! A keyed rotation scale was applied to vegetation; I think. Still super awesome!


Thanks! You right, it just scale and random rotation keys. As simple as posible).


wonderful works


Hey great piece of work! I am curious about render times since you were using a bit outdated GPU (even thou 2 gpus)? Plus did you do it in 2.8 or is it 2.79? Did you use GPU + CPU or just GPU render (with only 4 GB ram?).

Thanks and cheers T.

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Static images render time: about 2 hours. (with denoiser)
Animation render time: about 2 days.
Blender version: 2.79
Cycles: only GPUs

There was bottleneck with GPU memory (CUDA error), so the scene was separated in two render layers FG and BG.


You’re #featured! :+1:

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Great work !

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Nicely done scene. Is it just sun light or also hdr?
Also did you make grass or from some bought assets?

It awesome! Thanks man!


In your video, the transition between seasons is a little too fast in my opinion, we don’t have time to enjoy each image (if we don’t have the static images next).

Great work :).

This is great! I’m also curious about our trees, grass, etc, layout.

This is the sort of "simply, pleasing" scene that is usually accompanied by:

Idyllic Lakeside Cottage – Shown By Appointment Only – $2.5 Million

You could have even more fun with this scene by adding a few "between the seasons" seasons.

“Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Disco” :man_dancing: Great Job, I really like the winter one, where the snowmen and the snow are a perfect blend of cartoon and reality!

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the spring and winter scenes look realistic. but you need to work more on the leaves on the roof in the autumn scene! good job. keep going dude!

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Fantastic work, each of the seasons is perfectly executed. The house seems to have a typical New England architectural style. Is it based upon an existing house or just a design you imagined?

There are a few minor modelling critiques which stand out to me which I hope you don’t mind me highlighting:

  1. The snow guards to the long roof slope don’t continue to the valley (which looks a bit strange to me). Also, at the left end of the roof, it overlaps the verge but at the right end, its short of the verge.

  2. The gutters seem to be hung below the eaves fascia which is a really odd and I’ve never seen that done on any building ever before. Typically the roof finish stops immediately above and central to the gutter.

  3. I’m not sure if its an optical illusion due to the image sizes but the roof valley looks to be sitting on top of the roof tiles, which is the wrong way around.

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This is AWESOME :hearts:

Amazing work,which software did you use to create vegitations.

I am actually looking for a snow tutorial on random things you already put into your scene. I am very courious of how you did the snow effect on you environment in the scene?