Second Attempt at Motion Tracking

This is my second attempt at motion tracking. Not as good as my first attempt but I think it still worked out fine. :stuck_out_tongue:
I took some people’s advice on putting a model in a more real life footage and also adding a 3D model which is textured as well.
For the color setting I used Sony Movie Studio.
If you all could suggest some improvements and some feedback on this track or the overall video, that’ll be great. :slight_smile:

My FIRST motion track video link:

There’s improvements for sure :slight_smile: the model “sides” near the end of the footage my advice for that is to try and add more tracking near where the model will be placed.

But it looks better then the first attempt, as for the model I can’t really advise but not theres texture it looks a lot better :slight_smile:

8 minimal tracks per frame I think is Blenders minimal limit, I personally try to add 15 minimal for short footage.

Great work! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback man, I’m currently working on a short movie around a minute or 2 long, It will be my first actual animation/movie so yeah got a lot to learn. Do you know any good tutorials for rigging and animating cause I know in general how to animate but I want to put a lot of details into this movie.