Second Charecter Attempt - Boris Badinov

might remember this guy from rocky and bullwinkle :slight_smile: comments are apreciated.

He’s a black silhouette with half a nose sticking out.

Here is a brighter update.

I can see what it is now but did you want his whole body(other than his face) to be black? Maybee add a few more colors and add another light. Throw a white plane underneathe him so you can see some shadows that he casts. It really adds to the depth of the picutre if you do(in my opinion).
my 2 cents

Here is a picture of the origional cartoon I am working from:

see the whole charecter is black but his face, even his hair and mustache are black. I take it you havent seen rocky and bullwinkle :). nice idea about adding the plane though.

Ya, Now I see what your are going for. But hey, his hands are not black are they:D

lol nope, good thing i didnt post this in works finished :d