Second Life Avatars

Does anyone know if there is a way to import your second life avatar into blender for texture mapping/skinning?

You can just download them from SL.

You can also capture them with Ogle. But it’s not worth the trouble. SL employs a very low poly model for the characters in the game.

Second life is how I found Blender. I got hooked on the 3d thing there and started trying to learn how to build stuff and then found out I needed more advanced programs. The Second Life wiki has a great article about 3d software and that is where I found Blender mentioned. And,VIOLA,here I am. So ya’ll can blame Second Life for me being here…

By the way,look me up there sometime,I’m,Mental Khandr,there also. That is were I got my name. We should start a Blender group in Second Life,that would be cool,:cool:

Hi, I’ve actually managed to have a fair bit of success with ogle and I’ve gotten my avatar rigged quite nicely to use the Carnegie Mellon mocap files in Blender. Take a look and tell me what you think:

@MentalKhandr: Second Life has a few Blender groups already which I’ve not joined but I’m told they really useful with lots of nice helpful people! And yeah look me up and have a chat! lol

Nicky Patterson