second mirror modifier problem

I applied first mirror modifier of Gingerbread through tutorial. Later, I decided to add hands on it. So, I use second mirror modifier of hand during edit mode. It looks fine. When I turns Object Mode, Gingerbread added another 2 legs ended up four legs. I canceled second mirror modifier. It returns to 2 legs. I had tried X mirror on Mesh Tool but it does not work. How can I use second mirror modifier without duplicate legs like that?:confused:

Delete the mirrored half of the mesh and let it all be mirrored by the new modifier.

And place mirror modifier on top of modifier stack (with little arrows next to “remove modifier” button).

@Spokesh- thank! it works… @Stan-I have not arrows next to “remove modifier” button cuz it is 2.65a…


ok got it, i should know it… thanks…