Secret of the Attic

This is a project I did on and off for 2 -3 months.
I made it in blender and rendered it using cycles with 400 samples.
Render time was about 6 hours.
For the atmospheric effects and some color correction I used Photoshop.
Hope you like it.

Looks nice. Would it be possible to get that same look without using photoshop?

It looks a bit grainy and pale,but overall I think the scene is put together nicely!:slight_smile:

with the amount of objects you have in the scene this can be even much more fantastic if you payed more attention to the materials and the rendering

Love it! Great atmosphere, and composition, but I would push the contrast more for a more dramatic feel between light and shadow. Here’s a quick test just using levels in Photoshop but you could also do the same type of thing in the Blender Compositor. Keep up the great work. Hope you don’t mind some (hopefully) constructive criticism…

I see two places where there are “opaque, detail-less shadows.” The first is at the back of the hall; the second is in front of the bookcase. Both of these must be eliminated.

The floorboards, meanwhile, seem to suffer from the sin of “blown-out whites” among the wood-grain. Ditto.