Section of Render Not Rendering Properly

Hey there! I’m working on this piece, and when I render it out, right on the metal cube there is a strange section that just appears, and I’m not quite sure what it’s coming from. Image is in the link listed below

WIP Image

Using Blender 2.90 Cycles, 500 samples. I’m curious if my sample count isn’t high enough? Or my max bounces? I’m playing around with those to try and get something different. Max Bounces are:

Total: 81
Diffuse: 39
Glossy: 71
Transparency: 11
Transmission: 12
Volume: 0

Landscape with metal structures 10-23-20.blend (4.5 MB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Does it happen on every frame, or just this one? Looks like maybe your example was frame 6?

It looks like this is happening on specific tiles, have you adjusted your tile size to see if that changes the result? If you’re rendering on GPU, you’ll likely get better performance by increasing the tile size too.

The settings you mention are not those in Render Properties panel when I open your blend file, and your textures don’t appear to be packed into the file (your addon license may not allow you to anyway).

For what it’s worth, I was unable to reproduce the problem.
Also, those max bounce settings look excessive to me, but I’m no expert :).