Sections of view disappearing!??


I’ve experienced this before but never been able to understand/resolve it; large random sections of the view just disappear! Can anyone explain?


On the properties shelf (right side of 3D window) there is a view tab where you can adjust the camera clip. If the clip end is too small you might get this effect. Try to increase the clip value to something that matches the size of your scene.

Thanks Seawolf - but that doesn’t seem to change anything!??

if you are looking through a camera, then you need to change the clipping in the camera properties. select camera, click the camera icon on the far right panel (under outliner).

NOTE: you need to make massive changes to see them. i use 10,000 which is 100x of the default 100.

you might want to learn about modelling to-scale. 1 blender unit is 1 meter.

Thanks Daedalus, i’ll have another play. It seems to happen when I introduce lamps to the scene, then clears up when i delete them or move to another level!?

Cheers very much guys…that seems to have sorted it! :slight_smile: