see the camera view


Maybe someone can answer this very simple question for me? How do I change my 3D view to see what the camera is seeing? I only have one camera in the scene, but I never have known how to see what the scene will actually look like – unless I render.


Select the camera and hit the zero key in the numeric pad.

Thanks – that does move behind the camera and look through the lens, but it’s still some distance behind it, so that the actual image frame appears within the camera’s onscreen rectangle. How do you just make the actual viewport match the camera? I see more of what is off-frame than in-frame this way…isn’t there any way to just see exactly what the camera sees?

Use the scroll wheel to zoom in? You could enable passepartout as well, it will remove the distracting surroundings.

ok thank you!

You can also use SHIFT while pressing the mouse wheel to pan the camera view in case it is not well centered in the 3D View.

Is there any way I can see through the camera, like even when I hit the play and rewind buttons? Like, I just want to watch my animation the way it is going to look rendered, without having to render it. Is that too much to ask? I must be missing something.

Just press the play and rewind buttons while in camera view (Numpad 0) it should stay in camera view.

I see, I was forgetting to use ctrl-option-numpad0 to actually set my camera view to my 3d view when I wanted to set a keyframe. So the camera wasn’t actually being changed when I thought.

Where is the actual interface button that makes the camera view equal to the current view (opposite of what I wanted before?) The doc link says there is something in the object menu but I don’t see it, on 2.5x at least…


3D view header > View > Camera makes you look through the camera
3D view header > View > Cameras > … does the other thing

Thanks! Slowly getting the hang of it…