See this...

(seval) #1

You HAVE to see these clips. WOW.

(adyus) #2


actually, I think I saw a commercial for a fujifilm digital camera on japanese TV. It seems that it was made by this guy! It had the same spin…

p.s. i wish all japanese girls were as nice as that…

(valarking) #3

She looks drunk.

(adyus) #4

yeah, well, I wish all japanese girls were as nice AND as drunk as that… :wink:

(Hexa-dB) #5

WOW :o

There’s some nice Mecha things on the “3dcg database” page too.
I wonder what they’re rendered in - the lighting is fantastic.

(IMProvisar) #6

The things that jumped out the most at me were the hair and fabric… that’s just top notch work.


(stephen2002) #7

nice videos, I could spot a number of things that could be improved.

At a glance, I would say they are done in Maya. The cloth dynamics are good, but not quite 100% top notch.

(bgrav) #8

Those movies are awesome! Definitely very professional - in time I want to be able to model that kind of detail.

Good find!