See Your name in Arabic

Well , a new type of threads …

i am giving you a service for free :smiley: , i can type your name in arabic .

here goes my name .

i have made it with gimp using a painting tablet :evilgrin: …

my name means holly brightness

what do you think ¿


and here goes another one says “winter time” …


wonderful i love the visual appeal of arabic type…

can you please write… blender ?
thank you


here goes … :slight_smile:


Cool. Can you do mine: Eddie Brown

That’s so awesome!

here goes eddie brown :smiley:


cool! what would iliketosayblah be? (if you wouldnt mind doing one :))

here goes … " i want to say blah " and how to say it in arabic as well :smiley: .


cool! thats awesome, now i can say my name in arabic…

Nice man. I agree, that style of text looks really good.

Could you do Zach Goldstein please?

err, just realized a little bit of irony here. Whatever… :cool:

Zach Goldstein

it depends , how does it sound , zak goldstain , or zack goldshtain ?
i think the 1st , but i like to make sure :slight_smile:

Hmm, spelling it how it sounds would probably be like this:

zak gold-steen

zack goldsteen :smiley:


Sweet man! Thanks.


That’s cool, man. Can you please write “Josiah Nethery”? Thanks.

Awesome. Could you write “Alden”, please? Pronounced all-din. Fantastic handwriting, btw. :smiley:

Tynach. Pronounced Tie-Nak.

write poopie

Thanks for this lovely offer GURU! I’ve always liked the way Arabic looks. My real name is John Allie (pronounced Jon AL-ee)