Seeking 2-3 artists for a still shot of a Marian scriptural concept

As the topic line vaguely brushes over is the desire to create a large still shot replicating Our Lady of Scripture facing off against the Dragon of Revelations, literally.
And since the Dragon of Revelations is supposed to be coming against Israel, itself, the scene incorporates israel soliders and citizens huddled together in protection and readiness behind Mary.

Facing off against them are (since there is an evident genocidal effort against Christians) elements of all the radical factions antagonistic to both Jewish and Christians - ISIS, Alqueda, Al Shabob, Boko Harum, Hizbollah. All have expressed their earnest intention to end the Jewish problem.

But they have not counted on the Mother of God not being on board with their plan.
So the center point of the work, is to be Mary, hand held forth, literally driving back these enemies and the dragon with her outstretched hand… Epic is the word for the work.

I am asking for assistance on this project due to time constraints. I’ve done much of the heavy lifting already. What’s required now are putting pieces together, sculpting out base line clothing, texturing the meshes, posing, and doing final sculpting of faces, once the pose is set.

Participants get to keep texture maps and rigged meshes from the project.
Interested artists please message me. Also this requirement begs some artistic skill, so be able to point to some prior work as demonstration… Thanks in advance …

What’s done to this point -

Male and female “rigged base meshes” done
Special Forces soldiers and modeled, textured posed. But I require double the number.

Mary is already modeled and posed - but her veil and robe are not quite finalized.

Dragon mesh almost 90% done and posed.

The baseline male and female rigged mesh already a rough UV head map done -
texturing Utilizes the mh2Skin SSS

24 head texture maps availaable for the enemy factions - lower res 512 x 321 -

At least 24 more maps on hand for Israeli citizenry and soldiers.

Following is an example of the “enemy” base mesh rigged with with a hastily mapped head texture…

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