Seeking a modeler/rigger for a project (for pay)

We’re a television station based in Boston, and are looking for someone to build a model of a talking dog/puppy for one of our children’s shows. It should not need to be a high poly count, and would involve some rigging, as well as hopefully creating some basic animation presets - such as walking, running, etc. While the dog should be modeled with speaking in mind, we’ll do those lipsync animations in-house.

A very rough idea of what we might be looking for (in terms of how the head looks, anyway)… Somewhat cartoon-ish, playful, but still semi-realistic. And we’d probably want something that would be on all fours, instead of this bi-ped model.

If this project interests you, please let me know, and pass along a demo reel/sample. I’d love to see what kind of options are out there. Thanks.