Seeking advise for my model (topology mostly)

Hello everyone.
This is my first post. and i am not sure if this is the right section to post this.
I am modelling a fighter jet and i am planing to sell it.
My topology have always been my weak point so i am trying to be carefull of mow much poly i use and where…no Ngons etc. But i am in need of showing my model to someone who can really up my game and show me where i do things wrong.

So …
a) Where should i go?
b) I am not sure how can i show my model to person(s) with. Should i post close up images?.. should i post my model?.. is it safe to do that since it might be “stolen” (i dont mean to offence anyone i am just trying to learn the rules and how it works)

i am adding 2 images so we all know what i am talking about

Thanks in advance everyone
Stay healty !!

I’m no topology expert but looking at this website…he sure knows what he’s doing. Maybe cross-reference to that and look for “3D Model Airplane wireframe”

Good luck!

thank you for the link…I really liked it…
but i think he don’t use subdivision…I am trying to make the model be usable with and without subdivision…
like i said… good source… bookmarked… thank you…

With good texture work your model can be used and give convincing results if you don’t go too close.

Why do we need good topology and what’s make it good or bad ?

  • On some organic mesh (face/body) that needs to be deformed , the topology will help define the muscles, or face feature. A good topology will help a lot to get the deformations and facial expressions right. Since your model is hardsurface you don’t need to take that into account.

  • On mesh using subdivision you need quads , and there are some tricks to make the topology look good , :

  • There are topology tricks to reduce polycount where they aren’t needed. This can be used with mesh with subdivision, or to optimize game ready meshs. It’s still topology work but it doesn’t serve the same purpose.

Why have you modeled the plane from the same mesh ? it would have been way simpler to cut it into several parts , each ones with only the geometry needed. It will also be simpler to change the mesh . If I buy it I may want to add detail to it, or adapt it to the needs of my projects. Having the mesh in different parts will help a lot in that regard.

Hope that will help, try to cut different pieces (wings, cockpit…) according to the way the model is made, then reduce polys were you can, and try to push the details a bit further. From that you’ll get naturally a better topology. And since it’s not a deforming mesh you don’t need to have the best topology ever to use it.

Sorry to say but I’d bet some money that he does use some sort of sub-division on all his models. To get some of that curvature, you have to. Unless you are doing some low poly models or something…

There is a possibility that he might “apply” the subdivision levels after the fact, but that produces a lot of faces/points. Hope you find what you are looking for. G

chop it up, study real life aircraft. see how they are assembled, and model them piece by piece. respect its functions, for example, the cockpit window should be its own mesh, and the rotating plates on the wings for turning.
if you take them one by one, it is a lot easier to deal with especially its topology. rather than dealing with single mesh, when insert a edge loop, it would go around the whole mesh.


The general shape looks fine, but I’ll point out a few things which I hope will be helpful.

Firstly, the mesh in it’s current form is needlessly dense. You have some clusters of edge loops, all tightly packed together, which are simply not needed. Try and keep your mesh as simple as possible, and let subsurf do a bunch of the heavy lifting. Have enough geometry to clearly define shape and details where needed, but try not to pack edge loops together, as this is going to cause artefacts and pinching in the model. A mesh this dense is also going to be very difficult to tweak in the future.

Also, as already pointed out, split the model into multiple pieces. Look at references, look at videos, anything that will help you understand the general construction of the plane. Now, obviously, you don’t have to model it the way it’s constructed in real life, but understanding which parts are separate is going to really free up the model, and help to keep the topology clean.

I think the best thing to do will be to either delete a bunch of these additional edge loops, and start simplifying things, or start again, with separate meshes for different parts of the plane. Starting again can suck, but it’s often 100% worth it.

Good luck! :smiley:

Thank you everyone for advises…
a) i will try to clean the mesh up. if it wont work (i have to try!)… will start again from zero
b) i am going to split the model to pieces like cockpit,wings, flaps etc
c) Gonna try not going crazy on edgeloops

I am gonna post the “fixed” version here when i am done
Thanks again everyone…
Please stay healthy all…