Seeking animator to create lip sync animations

My VR startup is gearing up for an accelerator this summer. Our simulation has a good amount of dialogue across several characters, and I need someone to help me complete all the lip sync over the summer, as my time will be split with other tasks.

The characters are/will be created and rigged separately with a few face bones and other floating bones whose rotation drive blendshapes; you will only be responsible for actually creating the phoneme animation (we’re handling character animation largely through mocap). The visual and animation style is game-realism, so while animation need not be hyper-realistic, we’re not looking for cartoony or exaggerated movement.

Work will begin in mid-to-late June, and will be pretty consistent during the summer.

If you’re interested and available, I’d love to hear from you! Please reply with an example or two showing an understanding of lip sync, as well as your approximate rate (a range is fine). Familiarity with blendshapes, drivers, actions, and the dope sheet / curve editor is necessary.


[QUOTE=naftalebeder;3200886][/QUOTE]I have much experience in working with speech and comprising a video to sync it, But besides what blend I have posted under “Team Projects”->“speech mechanics” I can make expressions and evoce provocation from a 3d character using nothing but a webcam and dots painted on my face. Which I am willing to trade to you for fifty bucks ( escrowed and ground down horns, naturally ). let me know if I can help.