Seeking artists for feature film work (PAID)


I’m an individual working on a animated feature film that is a sequel to a 13 year project I just wrapped up. I’m trying to improve the graphics this time around and I’m looking for any Blender artists that want to join. You can find out about the original film at

The first shot that I’d like completed is a sci-fi outpost set in a snowy landscape. It should look something like this:

There will be some camera and object (drone) animation required where the camera follows the drone all the way to the outpost. The shot will be about 10 seconds. Experience with modeling landscapes, texturing, lighting, animation is needed. To speed things along, I can provide already built .obj files for the outpost objects. You will only need to place them and modify any textures / materials. To help, I can also render the animation myself if you want to just provide the finished .blend file.

The deadline is January 10, 2020

The budget for this particular shot is around $300 - $400 and is negotiable depending on experience. Please reach out if you’re interested and we can go over more specific details.

Thank you!

hello i can help you on that! for further contact email me at [email protected]


I can help in this.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: [email protected] so that we can discuss this further.


Hello Sir,
I am interested to work on this amazing project.
Please conect with me.

Our Studio portfolio:-

Portfolio -

Artstation -

Looking forward to work with your company.


Himanshu Jayant

(3D/2D Generalist)

Animzest Animation Studio

Hig - 166 | Abhay Khand - 1 | Indirapuram | Ghaziabad | Uttar Pradesh - 201010 | India

(M) +91-9818128868

Skype:- Animzest Animation Studio


Hi my name Eeng We have a small team called Engon, for your consideration here our portfolio :

let me know if you have some question :slight_smile:

mail : [email protected]
Discord : eng#5166

Hello, I can help you with lighting, texturing and modelling.

Please contact me if you think I can be of any help at [email protected]



I visited your site and that 13 year timespan for previous project gives me thought about what kind of project this is going to be? Schedule, budget and how much you outsource development to different persons?

And one important question, what kind of visual style you are aiming? Something that is coherent through whole project so everyone knows what they are doing?

This kind of stuff is something that I understand well (lighting, physics, photorealism, simulation). I’ve got hobby project to developing add-on to Blender to generate as much as possible physically accurate backgrounds, quick renders here: Physically based procedural cloudscape and sky WIP

Ground was there just simple dummy satellite image, focus was the lighting, clouds and atmosphere. So what I thought, that would be awesome to have this kind of shots as reference for generated atmospheric effects, lighting and sky.

But to make visual style coherent, I suggest to have a bit more pre-production planning to describe all required aerial outdoor shots, backgrounds/skies, space shots (I’ve got physically accurate earth model) so these can be made similar visual style. Some texturing may also need to thought color palette. So instead of one shot, what about setting pipeline to do all similar shots and assets?

You can reach me with private message here.

Services in the field of 3D modeling, visualization, animation, 3D printing, CNC. Delivery of products for needs of visualization, animation; compatibility with common 3d editors, Unity, Unreal Engine and/or 3D printing, CNC machine processing. The price and delivery time depends on details of technical requirements.

Some of my works on:,

Alexander Volkov.
e-mail: [email protected],
tel.: +7 (912) 598-95-16 (+WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram),
Skype: evenbur.

Hello Sir,

I am a 3D concept and environment artist, I’m very interested in this project. Please see my portfolio at

You can reach me by email at [email protected]

Thanks for your consideration.

Cedric Liu

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