Seeking Blender animators, film makers, generalists...


I’m 3D individual Blender film maker and will need help on some projects to make my work more efficient.
I’m interested by people motivated & available, passionated by this work as I am. I’m not seeking for Blender experts but polyvalent people that can manage tasks like realising basic short films with the help of some assets & a storyboard / an Excel document for exemple.
Most of times i’ll give you the simplest tasks that I haven’t time to do myself, it can be basic to advanced modelisation, rigging, camera angles, scene creation… Anything that relate to 3D film making.
You’ll need a good workstation to load some of the scenes.

I’ll not ask for cinematographic visuals quality but more efficiency here. Depending of how cooperation goes and what you’re able to do, It might lead to long term collaboration!
Do not hesitate to send any works exemples you have in Blender film making, basic works, big projects, commercial or personal ones, I’m interested to see all that move and show your polyvalence skills.

In term of budget, i’m not a big film making company and do not have pretention to pay like them, but if you search to make some usd for simple tasks (for an experienced) you’re at good place.
Also send me exemples of your rates please. (hourly, daily, or on precedent projects exemples, as you want).

Contact me in PM here or at [email protected]



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