Seeking Blender Simulation / Smoke Expert


I’m looking for someone who has experience in complex simulations in Blender. I have a scene that needs the top half of a building to crumble along with a plume of smoke, debris, and break objects on the ground.

I can provide the completed Blender scene, all you have to do is break things and cause destruction. Once completed, you will send back your Blender project file with the simulations and I will handle the rendering on my end. Sound fun? This is part of a feature film and a passion project that is entirely self-funded by just me.

Pay is negotiable and this project can lead to future projects if everything goes well… Please send samples of similar work you’ve done.

Thank you and have a great day!

Hi @koady385
Kindly contact at [email protected] or skype : zagreusent to get stunning result at indie price.


Hello There,

Please reach out to me in [email protected].
I can do your project really well.

Rocky Dash

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