Seeking Expert Consultants for 3D Procedural Modeling Project:

Seeking Expert Consultants for 3D Procedural Modeling Project:

We are initiating a project focused on creating a 3D procedural model and require expert consultants to assess its feasibility. We are looking for individuals with advanced skills in the areas listed below. If you possess expertise in either skill 1 or 2, please respond with the relevant skill number(s) you have expertise in. Initially, we seek hourly consulting to discuss our plans, which will be disclosed in our first meeting. Following this, should your expertise align with our requirements, we will proceed to involve you further in our project. After the hourly consulting has been completed, the anticipated duration of our projects for both 1 and 2 is currently assumed to be up to 4 weeks in duration, spread over a few months, with scheduling negotiable. Detailed project information will be shared upon engagement.

Required Expertise:

  1. Blender Geometry Nodes Procedural Modeling & Blender Python Expert: Creating a 3d procedural model using blender geometry nodes and integrating with databases via python.
  2. Interactive 3D Web Viewer Expert: We need to host our 3d procedural blender models on an interactive 3d web viewer, where users can interact and change the parameters of our blender 3d procedural models.

Your expertise could significantly contribute to the success of our project. We look forward to your application.


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