seeking for a pro rigging tutorial

hello! somebody knows about some very pro tutorial about how rigging a cartoon character? The most tuts you can find on web are pretty basic showing about traditional bones deformations and shapekeys. But I would to know about all kind of tricks as possible, specially for cartoon effects. many thanks!

Check out Nathan Vegdahl’s Humane Rigging DVD. Or honestly, you can also look at Digital Tutors’ rigging videos for Maya. I learned a ton about rigging in Blender by studying rigging in Maya. You just have to port a few of the ideas to work in Blender (eg, use you have to use parent bones instead of empty groups, use lattices instead of bulge deformers, spline IK chains instead of wire deformers, etc.). But they’re very informative and show you lots of clever techniques.

wow, really really helpful tips, it’s pity that in both cases we must to paid, but I’m really considering to do that! :wink: thks!

It’s worth the money, but if you’re strapped, the videos are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0, so you can watch them on YouTube.

However, it’s only fair that once you have the money, you buy them. Let’s keep Nathan motivated to do more of his brilliant video tutorials. :wink:

I also really like ‘Blender 2.5 Animation Cookbook’ from Packt publishing. Much of the book is on rigging. Again worth a couple of € if you can :slight_smile: Good luck.

Sorry double post…