Seeking Skilled Modeler/texturer and/or Mentor for animated webseries.

I plan to start animated webseries with 1-2 minute episodes. It is a scifi dysoptian future story with three main characters who where cryogenically frozen, and wake up to a world overrun by monstrous mutated creatures. The era of the manmade props that I’m leaning towards is present day or near future to give some room for technology advances. What I’m asking for is either someone willing to help model props and environments, or mentor me as I model. I will provide renders, and/or blend files of blockout scenes to demonstrate the direction I’m trying to go in. I will also provide reference boards that I put together for the desired look of the scenes or props.

For Example:
Here are a few screenshots of the cryogenics Lab blockout I modeled. This is an important environment in the story so I need it to be impressive. If anyone is willing to help I would highly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

I sent you a private message.