Seeking Team Members for a project using blender and Cryengine.

Hi to you that are interested.

I’m planning to make a big project in the gaming industry using the CryEngine 5 from Crytek I am looking for an open team and what I mean by that is a team that is wanting to learn the career, or is currently learning to work in a game development environment. I am looking for a individual that is open minded willing to work hard for the project, and willing to make the project there own, by that I need everyone that is willing to participate. Including my self, If you are taking classes or in college the project is also a value to you. any assets you work on can be used in your work course projects as well, but please make sure your professors are okay with it first :slight_smile:

More About me.


My name is Thomas Mendoza, I have worked on mods, and I am very familiar with blender3d, I know very well texture editing in both adobe Photoshop and gimp. I went to college back in 2006 for game design but I was unable to complete my course, I do however know what is needed for a project, and the number one thing is a good team of friends :slight_smile:

I do however work and understand that not all of us can be on the project at the same time, so there for We will work by work flow during a month, and if the work flow is finished on a single team, C++ programmer, Game level designer, etc… then they will have to wait for the next phase this should help those that are in college or those that are working such as my self. remember for those of you that has a lot of time and want to work more on the project will be fine but don’t strain your self, and always keep your team members informed of any changes Notations are very important!. we all need to remember that we are all a team here.

What to expect.

All that is expected is that we work together. I will screen each and every employee and ask a few questions.

if you don’t feel confident on what you apply for then I ask that you keep training and learn tutorials over the web, or if your a graphics artist in college you will start by what your skill level is during your course. this also applies to any positions that are vital. what about pay? as of right now we will be in the first stage of the project, Non pay organization although my goal is to have us a company that is great like EA or Bethesda. with the help of the team some of you may just be starting a career.

What do the Organization need?

  • Story tellers
  • Programmers
  • Game developers
  • Level designers
  • Graphic artist
  • 2D Artist
  • Game VFX artist
  • Leads
  • Game designer leads
  • Music editors
  • UI designers
  • Audio editors

Remember that this is a team project and not one individual. and were starting from scratch team :slight_smile: if you are interested email [email protected] and please share if you know someone that might be interested. remember we are using the Cryengine 5.