Seeking tree making skills for VR games

I am seeking how to make game ready trees for use in Virtual Reality roleplay games such as are in Second Life, and OpenSim. The species of interest are Redwood, Giant Sequoia, and similar.

I have looked at the “Sapling Tree Gen” addon and have seen a video about how to use it. What I saw was a tree that would have too much land impact due high poly count. I have looked up low poly count tree making tutorials. But these make trees that are too cartoonish. What I need is something in between. Something that tricks the eye to look real if not examined closely.

In Second Life, and OpenSim, I have seen trees that look somewhat real from a distance, but on close inspection one sees the branches, and needles, are actually textures on a flat planes, or curved surfaces, that extend from the trunk. This is more like what I am seeking. Please provide information about making such trees.