SeeThrough models?

I am seeing to have “holes” in my models to where i see through the parts i dont need too. can anyone tell me possibly what im doing wrong? if need be i can upload my blend file.:spin:

First thing is to remove doubles (W / remove doubles), remove ant internal faces that shouldn’t be there and then recalculate the face normals (Ctrl+N)

if need be i can upload my blend file.
Why would someone need to ask, why not upload it anyway ?

FiveSeven1.blend (288 KB)Sorry I am a noob here; thanks for replying as well. And i will atempt what you have described…i think i can do it… this is practice for modeling pistols and other stuff for a FPS. Wanted to put my skillz to the test artistic wise. anyway any help would be much appreciated.

Why is your camera in a box ?

Im not sure myself i was following a tutorial on youtube which had the camera in a box…should i change that?