Segments in 2.5


I’m trying to rig a creation of mine, but I ran into a problem. So I first add a armature to my model, and then I make a few cuts in it. I name all the parts etcetera, but in the next step I ran into a problem. I turned the armature into B-bones, because I want extra segments in them. When I add segments, I can’t see them in edit mode, but I can see them in object mode. So while i move things in edit mode I can’t see the segments react, because it’s only shows the bone, not the segments of the bone.

I have no idea how to fix this, but i think i’m just looking at the wrong places(google, mIRC is dead?, blendercookie). I really hope someone can help me, because I want to make things move:cool:

Thanks in advance,


I think I solved it myself, I did look in the wrong place, haha, just needed to experiment in blender. I need to use the pose mode. This made me able to move and see the segments react!

Just to prevent this topic to be completely useless, has anyone has some 2.5 tips for blender in animation? Is it possible to rig a robot and make a fluid animation with it for a complete noob? Or is it just going to be a complete disaster?