Select all overlapping geometry

Often I want to check for overlapping vertices, edges or faces and 3 ways I use are the merge by distance, selecting geometry and moving it, or selecting linked geometry. Surely there’s a better way for this?
Merge by distance is useful but I do want to know what it’s modifying rather than only getting a count of what was merged, and sometimes I don’t want to merge, just locate what was overlapping, which makes it not a perfect option for me.
If there’s a way to simply select overlapping geometry like merge by distance but without doing any modifications or if there is a way to see what is overlapping, I’d like to know.

To activate…

enable developer options. In preferences.

turn on indices.

Much easier to see now!

Turn on xray mode for even more visibility.

Hope that helps.


That’s good to know; thanks!

But wow, that is… ugly, and not hugely helpful in many cases (look at the mess the smaller the faces get). And xray doesn’t give it more visibility, alas the indices show through from all sides even with xray turned off, which makes it even more useless in ortho views where I’d most want to use it. That’s really no better than what I currently do: in Face Selection mode any extras from aborted extrusion (my bane) show up as dots on edges in xray view. Not your fault that this is a mess, of course. :wink:

This just screams for an add-on that shows the overlapping geometry in colour or some other visually clearer way instead.


Yup, its the only way I’ve found to solve similar problems.

With a script you could ask at least get to show double points/edges/faces.

Theres probably a way with field at index in geonodes, and comparing position of verts.

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Of course there is probably a solution in geonodes. :wink:


So we should change a typical meme into a totally different direction:




heres a simple material solution for showing double faces.

Thanks @piranha4D you made me think about it differently with one of your comments.



(If only my own comments inspired me to think out of the box.)