Select bones of selected keyframes

This seems like something that should be in there somewhere but I can’t find anything about it. While having keyframes selected in the action editor, is there an option to also select the bones associated with the selected keyframes as opposed to individually shift-clicking each bone? (or vice versa for that matter)

There is no way to select keyframes which will lead to select the bones. I want to understand your workflow, can you give an example why you want to do it like this?

I often find I will want to copy the pose of certain bones from a frame to key them on another. The way I have been doing that is either by selecting them individually (tedious) or by using “a” to select every bone then pasting them as keys and using the “clean keyframes” option to remove the ones that aren’t moved. I wasn’t sure if this was the right way to go about it and thought there might be a way to select the necessary bones from their existing keys instead.