Select face loop sections menu option or shorcut using maya interface??

As the title says. Im using maya interface, and im unable to select loop regions of components. None of the combinations ALT+MAY+CTRL works, and i tried searching in the menu up to the select options but i dont see anything like that. The option “shortest path” works sometimes, but others dont, because its not the same thing.

For example, in maya i will click in one face, then, go to the last face i want to be selected, MAY+doble click in that face and i have that loop region selected. I dont have a clue how to do it in blender using the maya interface (since it doesnt work the same way…).

Thanks in advance.

that maya preset is not the best option out there.

i recommend trying either my cusrom setuo, or rSelection Addon by PLyczkowski.

Those plugins are nice, BUT. I dont want to lose half of my keybinds already.

Are you telling me, that, either i install a keymap plugin or i cant reconfigure in any way essential things like my problem described?

Also… why i cant drag with left click in the outliner??? or turn the camera around while im using tools??? !! its completely ridiculous… lol.

Anyways i tried em, and they didnt solve the essential problems of camera blocked while operating with tools and i still cant drag objects in the outliner. I now can select loop regions but it is not worthy if everything else is even worst… also the UI that the pluging gives you is far from being comfortable.

Any other options? or i am forced to go back to blender’s default interface?!! (the main reason i started blender was because i could use the maya interface… so).

if you’re coming from another package blender is super awkward.

that’s why i suggest trying out those other setups/configs initially. that will give you an idea of what’s possible and how you could rearrange things around. in the case of my setup you also get a chance to try out some very cool addons that i have integrated into my setup/workflow.

you would not loose anything you have done so far. just back up you configs (as described in the thread where i share my setup). that way it’s very easy to swap around different configs/setups.

you can then use those 2 alternate setups to edit or reverse engineer and build your own from scratch.