Select more than an object with the mouse in SCENE.

Hi Guys,i want to select multiple objects in the scene selecting and dragging with your mouse as we do in games of strategy, how can i do it?, I want an example.
required the help of all.

B key. Click, drag, release, your objects are selected.

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Please don’t be rude with people who are trying to help you. Obviously there was a misunderstanding, so perhaps your question wasn’t clear enough.

TheSambassador thank you for your help, but I’m referring to the game engine and not the issue of scenes in blender

Well considering there haven’t been many RTS projects, there hasn’t been much developed on the subject. AniCator I do believe is working on something…check with him. However, you’ll likely have to develop something yourself.

Sanguine tanks for you help.

Sanguine thanks for help beaut
I need an example .blend of selection of objects by clicking and dragging an area forming a square, this objects are standing in my scene.

I’m not sure I know how to do the click and drag square selection, but I do know how to allow for multiple selections when the Shift key is being held. I don’t have time to make an example right now. If no one else is able to help you then I will try to make an example in a few days.

I am :eyebrowlift:

Here, an example:


DragSelect.blend (200 KB)

I think you could do it with logic bricks actually, I may be able to whip something up… just using props and messages. Like

mouseover and click___AND___message: addplayercode183029

message: addplayercode183029___AND____property: 183029: “selected”
property: 183029: “selected”___AND___message: select183029

message: select183029___AND___do whatever you want

I hope that was clear enough

What? The click and drag square selection like I’m doing?

Selecting objects one by one can be done with logic bricks alone, but even so I don’t see why anyone would bother setting up bricks on each and every object when a single (very simple) script can be used.

The click and drag square selection definitely requires python, though.


i am not sure this . and i can not use this .
if you can success than tell me.

Yes, I can success and I am sure this. Following do and you should success:

  • I am download “DragSelect.blend”
  • With Blender opening “DragSelect.blend”
  • Putting the mouse over window 3D
  • Then I am press “P” on keyboard
  • With mouse leftclick, I am draw box in window 3D
  • Box in window 3D am select cube smallCan you now success?

LOL I love you Social
PS, nice example! I will dissect it later


[edit] I just re-read it, and I am still laughing…ah…

I never said the square selection. My method is one by one.

I never said it was efficient… lol.