Select Ring of Faces?

Blender 2.79 on Windows 10.
I’m just learning blender. I’m a long time users of 3dsMax, Carrara and others.

I’m just trying to learn modelling. So I make a UV Sphere, go into edit and then face select mode.
Rclick selects a face.
Rclick another to select another face.
Shift-Rclick to select some other faces.
A to select no faces.
But I can’t understand what SHIFT - ALT - Rclick is doing.
Doc I found said it adds a RING of FACES in the direction of the click. So pick a face next to the one selected and add a whole ring in that direction around the object. BUT
Sometimes it selects a ring of faces in the correct direction and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it selects a ring in the other direction. :eek:
Have other folks seen this?
Is there some setting that says - “Do something random”?
Is there some other setting that is messing this up?
Thanks a ton,

Aim for the edge of the face in the direction you wish it to go. I mean if you draw a line from the center of the face through the middle of the edge you are cliking on, that’s the direction.

Exactly. Loops and edge ring are all directional, and clicking near the correct edge is how the direction is chosen

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I’m talking about Face Selection not Edge Selection. Seems like you should be able to click anywhere in an adjacent face to point the way to the direction of the loop of faces that would be selected, but it’s unpredictable as far as I can tell.

I’ll fire up CamStudio and see if I can get a video of the issue I’m see’n. Probably after Turkey day tho. :smiley: I found a program that shows the Keys/Mouse actions on screen so we can see what I’m doing. :RocknRoll:

So I guess you’re saying that I should use Edge Selection rather than face selection to choose a loop of faces. I’ll try that, but it seems odd to select faces in that mode. I’d expect it to select a loop of edges not faces, but if you select an edge on the other side of a face I can see how that uniquely identifies a loop of faces. I’ll try that too.


I figured out my problem. Rather than trying to select a ring of faces in face select mode by choosing two faces, just choose one face and click the mouse - SHIFT / ALT / RCLICK - in the one face but in the direction from the center of the face that the loop should take. Works every time. Thanks. Sorry for the confusion.

No, it’s always an edge that determines the direction. With edge rings and face loops it’s the edge perpendicular to the ring/loop direction. Whichever the mouse is closest, that’s where the loop or ring goes. Face loops can be selected both in vertex and face select modes, edge rings only in edge select mode.

The active element is determined at the same time, depeding on the selection mode. Loop/ring direction comes from the closest edge, but in vertex select mode the closest vertex is the active element when selecting edge or face loops. In face select mode the closest face becomes the active face, or in other words, the face the cursor is on. In edge select mode, the same edge that determines edge loop and ring direction becomes the active element.

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Why are we still talking about this? I revealed the mystery already. It’s very simple - you have to aim for the edge in face selection mode:

You are selecting faces. It is easy and intuitive and it does not require any more mouse clicks or drags than necessarily. It’s all good. Everything is fine, clear and understandable, isn’t it?