Selected Bone Does Not Show Up In Graph Editor With Only Show Selected

Hi, I’m pretty much still figuring out Blender as I go. My problem is if I understand it right, and from the tutorial that I’m watching, if I check Only Selected in the Graph Editor, only the curves of the selected object would show up. However, when I click on a bone, the curves just don’t show up. Everything still shows up fine if I uncheck Only Selected, but it’s really annoying to have everything shows up or I have to filter out what I need every time I want to change something. Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I can’t find what’s wrong so far. Thank you very much.!

UPDATE: It seems like the issue was specifically with Blender version 2.82 and that specific scene. I tried to open the scene with Blender 2.80, it works as it should. I create a new scene in Blender 2.82, it also works as it should. But no matter what I did with that scene in Blender 2.82, the Graph Editor will not show what is being selected. I think it was most likely a bug in version 2.82 of Blender, as version 2.80 seems to have no issue with that scene.