selecting 2 or more vertices of my draw

hi, I’m following a tutorial to draw vertices and faces, I’m in edit mode, so, I need to select 3 vertices to then create a face, but to select 2 or more vertices it needs to hold the shift key + LMB right? so, i do that but i can’t select more than one current point, then, if I try to create the face, blender tells that the number of objects are insufficient, so the problem is that I can’t select more than one point, what is my mystake, can you help me?


you could also use B for box select or BB for circle select if for some reason holding shift while you select multiple vertices is not working. Also try right mouse button instead of left button

its a little complicated:

in 2.4x -> B starts box select and you add to the selected points by holding the L mouse button and subtract by shift Lmouse. BB starts circle select and you turn off these with R mouse button.

in 2.5x -> B starts box select while C starts circle select and Lmouse adds and middle mouse deselects. Shift won’t work to deselect anymore.

but that is in my setup where I changed the defaults to L mouse button select. I can’t remember what happens with “factory” defaults

thanks a lot guys, it worked just using the RMB, good day