Selecting all objects with the same material name

I am creating some LMS railway carriages for the Trainz simulator and am using different files to create the carriage side parts. The compartment side has 6 carriage doors and 5 compartments of one size and a half compartment of another. The corridor side has a panel with 4 windows two with 3 windows 4 doors and 2 end panels.

I am grouping the parts that make a group but when I append them to a main file I am using to collect the parts I end up with multiples of the same colour albeit with numbers appended. Eg maroon, maroon001, maroon002, gold, gold001,gold002 etc. While I am not surprised by this it causes me a problem as the simulator will not import the mesh with that many materials. I have looked at the properties panel and searched on maroon for example and that gives me all objects where the material starts with the name maroon. Unfortunately I cannot select all of these items to link the material to make them all just maroon.
Is there an easier way than just labouriously picking them manually.

Thanks for any help


For some reason it didn’t work at first, but I can select them all from the Properties panel and link them to just one colour.

I would mark this as solved if I knew how.

Thanks for your patience.


To be honest I didn’t really understand what you wanna do.
But with the “Material Utils” Addon you can select Objects by Material.

Kind regards

Yes Alain, it was difficult to convey what I meant but the addon looks perfect for my use. The problem is I am a novice and wouldn’t know how to go about installing and using the utility.

Thanks for the tip though.

If this is it I will try this out it looks simple enough for me !