Selecting by object group

i know how to add object to a group
i know i can duplicate a object group

but how can i select all object in group easily ?
there is a button called “select” same in vertex group ?

thank you

also when i duplicate a group , the empty is very far from the duplicated group .
i center new all objects in the group
and Apply Scale and rotation to all objects in the group

still empty very far away from group
please help

To use dupligroup, all group items must be centered on the world origin.

select an object, [Shift] + [G], --> “objects in same group”

ok i understand i need to put them in another layer ,and place them at point 0,0?

if yes that means:
IF i have 21 group types (just a sample .)
for making an order i need to place every group in different layer , so ill need 21 layers
but if i put all of them in same layer ,that will make mess.
hmmm… :mad:

there is any why to make the group start point dynamic ?

thanks that useful :slight_smile:

this is a bug ?

where can i see a list of all active object group ?

i had another issue with it
i deleted all object in group
i guess group still out there
cause materials are still linked to something
and now yafaray crashes

thank you