Selecting faces created by the boolean modifier

Does anyone have a technique for automatically selecting all the faces created on a mesh by the boolean modifier? I would appreciate any insights or techniques you may be aware of, as long as it works. The simpler the better, but I will take any complex methods as well. Thank you.

Deselect everything in edit mode, switch to face select mode and then do the boolean in object mode. When you go back to your original mesh, it should only have those created faces selected.

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Try sculp tools addon. It work in most cases but not always, install addon then select objects to boolean, one you are cutting in as active. Press ctrl+b take difference and then jump to edit mode, all new faces should be selected.

Thanks a million guys! Both of these techniques work perfectly, I really can’t thank you enough.

I wanted to do this right now. I can’t get it to work with neither carve or BMesh (2.79a). I use difference.

Make sure all elements are selected on the boolean object. (The object the bolean modifier points to.)

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I understand it now. The selected state of the new faces are copied from the source.
It worked, thank you very much!

This helped me out so much for an entirely different problem I was having, so thanks <3