Selecting Faces

Hello again, this is more than likely a dunce question, but is it possible to select faces? I can only manage to select vertices.

I apologize for the foolish question.

How do you plan to use this?

UV mapping- Go to UV Face Select mode

Box Select- “b” key

Or are you talking about selecting like one vertice and then selecting all the faces surrounding it?

You also have to understand that the vertex is what manipulates the face. The face itself cannot be manipulated in a literal sense as far as I know.

Hit F to go into Face mode. Object turns white with dotted lines. Hit A to deselect all faces and RMB or Shift-RMB to select faces. Or you can select groups of faces with B or B-B. You can only select faces you can see.
Tab into Edit mode to see your selection, Tab back into face mode, F back into object mode.


I don’t think there’s a way to select faces in edit mode, although I have a feeling there is. It’s not really that important whether you can or can’t though.

Yes, It will be good when we can select face in EditMode, like we can do in UVEditorImage (CKEY)

Else, FaceSelect and back in EditMode yes, or
In EditMode SHIFT+ALT+RMB on edges

don’t think this work. I’m only aware of a egde selection feature in tuhopuu2 though.

SHIFT+CTRL+RMB select clicked’edge in Blender23x

don’t work ether…

arf, 1000 excuses, ctrl+alt+RMB yes, sur

sorry, :-/