Selecting meshes

I’m trying to use the knife tool, and the instructions say to select the meshes to be cut, and the cut plane. I know how to select a vertex, a line, or a face; but not how to select a mesh; unless by that it is meant selecting all the facets of a mesh, but I’ve already tried that and doesn’t work.
I had a similar problem before, with boolean operations; I put a cube slightly penetrating my mesh and tried the ‘subtract’ boolean operation, but couldn’t get it to work. The instructions also mention selecting the meshes… All I could find is, in object mode, select all by type -> mesh. But that doesn’t work for me either…

Select the faces on the mesh you want to cut and then use ctrl-k to cut where you want.

If you hit ‘z’ and change the mesh to transparent mode and select faces on both sides of the mesh it will cut everything within the selected area.

If you get to a point where you have tons of vertices in a tiny area that you want a single vertice in press ‘w’ and select the merge button. It will merge all selected vertices into one.


Hope that helped.

It helped indeed, thank you! It’s Shift-K, I figured out, actually. Works like a charm. And how do boolean operations work? Been looking like crazy through the tutorials.

The thing to note with Boolean operations is that the originals stay right there too - so it looks like nothing happens unless you then click on and move the various bits - one of which should be the new shape you were aiming for.

The other thing to note is that many (most?) users don’t recommend them (at least not for animation) because they produce a messy… errr, mess. :slight_smile: