Selecting only side faces?

Hi blenders.
I’m kind of new in blender and have a problem as usual.

I want to select only the side faces and change the color of them. Or only front side object with all faces. Basicly i have to keep the sides black and recolor front of the object.
I watched some tutorials , searched forums and couldn’t find any solution yet.
By the way that was a *.svg file from illustrator and converted to 3D obj with extrude.
Thank You.

alt + LeftMouse on one side face select the whole side. + (plus) = new material> assign to the selection

Thank you. I tried AltGr+Shift+LeftMouse and selected a few and it worked as you described. But my main problem is how can i selet them all in once ? If I click 1 by one that will take ages.

That it only selects a few and not the whole loop indicates that there’s a problem with the mesh (split edges, inverted normals, internal faces, who knows what else). Ideally your best bet is to first fix those. Good topology is important for sane operation of tools.

Anyway, some alternatives:

  1. First select the front and back flat parts, then invert selection. To select the flat parts, select one face on either part and do a Select -> Select Linked -> Linked Flat Faces. If they’re not completely flat, adjust the angle in options.
    This would only work if all faces there are actually connected, which again may not be true given the apparent geometry problems.
  2. From side view enable x-ray or wireframe view and just box-select the strip (draw a box inside it, not encompassing front or back sides).

Thank you for your help guys. Finally found the solution:
On Edit mode i selected “face select” and left mouse on a face. When I select a face side with pressing alt+left mouse it selected all the loop around. So that solved all my problem for now.
Thanks again for the help. Have a nice day.