Selecting vs. Highlighting in Outliner

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I’ve noticed that the Blender 2.8 Outliner Editor has the ability to show one thing as being selected, while another thing is highlighted. That’s pretty distracting to me. Is there any way to set Preferences so that only the thing that I select is highlighted? Basically, I want the two visual indicators to always match up.

In the attached screen capture, I have three objects. My Camera is selected, but the Cube mesh is the the thing with the highlight.


there is one selection for viewport and one selection for the outliner. Yup It’s confusing atm and I’ve heard blender devs are working on the solution

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Well, darn. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!

Setting the color in themes - outliner - selected highlight to a dark gray (value of .165 did it for me) is at least optically sorting this issue. Another annoyance is that the preselection highlight stays in it’s place if moving the mouse from outliner to 3d view so for now I’ve gotten into the habbit of moving it down towards the scene settings to get rid of that.
I don’t see a good reason to have a different selection for the outliner, and even if there is it should be an option. But hey, it’s still beta right? :slight_smile:

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Your workaround works great for me, the value of .165 does the trick.

It’s always been the case. Blender’s outliner is a general-purpose scene management tool, and this decoupled selection paradigm has its uses. Currently the developers are working on a plan to merge both selection states, optionally.