Selection groups ?

sometimes when you have a complex mesh , lets say of a complex building, so you got thw windows, the walls, the concrete etc…

lets say i take about 3 minutes to select all the concrete faces, then i uvmap them and use then as i want.

so i deselect them and edit my mesh as normally,

then i realize the mapping of the concrete would be nicer if i would scale its uv map so…

here we go again…

i re-select all the concrete faces and when im finished i scale them.

Is there a way to store selection groups ?

i know this can be done by materials ( in 2.49) and then say select, but is not quite the same and is a bit more tedious, i work in the games/sim industry , we dont use blender materials we just map the textures. and use the texture mode in viewport to see how it will look in a game enginel.

any ideas ?

I don’t know if that is even possible in Blender. But it would be very nice if it was.

would be cool.

campbell ?

Vertex groups for faces? These should also be exportable as part of an obj for external use.

Select everything in 3d view, and then select parts in UV editor using ‘Island Selection mode’ gives a bit more control.

Every part in the mesh separated by seams can be selected with L or Ctrl+L in Face select mode in 3dview. But this would require you to make seams

using Island selection mode is quite useless, since you cannot unwrap the selection in the UV editor in the same way as you can in the 3D view

Can you put all the concrete on a separate layer?

it is possible here to use in F9 for 2.49 to make a Vertex group and name it !

i mean i tough this can be used for selecting certain faces as a group !

this should work !

but how does this affect the UV map is another matter
you might still have to redo the unwrap if you change the mesh !

happy 2.5