Selection method always reverts back to tweak

Disclaimer I don’t think this is an issue with native blender, moreso some of the addons i have installed.
I’m using Box select X-ray and Hard ops.
And i’ve got my startup file to set my default selection method to select box x-ray as seen here;
Trouble is, if i use any kind of operator from Hard Ops such as mirror, array ect. it reverts back to tweak, which makes selecting objects, even front facing objects very difficult, so everytime i mirror or use any kind of operator i have to manually switch it back to box select x-ray.

I’ve reached out to both developers of the addons for some help, but haven’t heard anything back, it might be out of the scope of the support they offer.
But i’m wondering if there’s a way internally to change the default selection method in blender, so when it does revert after using an operator it reverts back to box select x-ray?

You are showing Select Box, but isn’t tweak the default? Anyway there are shortcuts…

I think tweak is the default without any startup files involved, which is why i think it’s reverting to it after using operators. Yeah there are shortcuts but it doesn’t solve my problem of needing to set it back to select box X-ray every time.

Sorry, if i sounded snippy and thinking something like “what’s the problem, just type …”. Hadn’t thought enough about your workflow: selecting with an addon and after that having a bad default selection…

So, problem after HardOps; try disable X-Ray (why suspected it in the first place?)

Maybe you get more attention about the addons on their own threads here on BA…