Selection problem

Hello blender guys.

I have stupid problem :confused:.

I have selected vertices (or faces or how to call it) like on this screen. (showing wireframe view).

But fucking why, if i am trying to assing selected vertex to vertex groups with Assign button, and then i hit Select vertex group i assigned now, it looks like this:

This is not what i want!

Thank you very much.


You are in edge select view, but you are selecting the vertices with that button, not the edges. If you select two vertices that are connected by a single edge, that edge will be selected. The vertex group has no idea what edges you want to select, only vertices.

Hi, thanks for reply. And how could i fix it? Should i “cut” the mesh somehow by some selection so it will not behae like that, or how could i achieve it, to select only what i want, and assign it to vertex groups etc?

Hmm i see something now. I am using deselecting (of wrong selection, which i dont want) of Circle selection via holding shift key. It works visually, but in fact it seems it doesnt unselect.

I managed it by assigning vertex group right after doing the manipulation with the basic mesh (deformation with another mesh). (after the manipulation, only the remains of orignal mesh was selected, so i assigned this, then i inverted selection and assigned the other thing which i needed.)

As an alternative if you are just using this for selecting faces, you might consider using temporary materials instead of vertex groups. Materials can be assigned to faces rather than vertices, and you can select by material. Depends on exactly what you’re doing, which isn’t entirely clear.