Selection settings

I seem to have screwed my selection settings up somehow.

I can only work in Edit Mode on a single object even if I sellect all objects

To work on an object I have to go into Object mode select a single object and back to Edit mode to work on it - as I have multiple objects - I’d like to work on more than one at a time - any ideas what setting I need to tweak?


Select first object, than Shift-RMB the second object. Strg-J->join.

Now you can work on both objects in edit mode at once… :smiley:

Just kidding… Since you can’t work on two objects in edit mode, you have to join them to one object at first. Afterwards you would have to separate them again.

There are no settings to tweak, that’s the way the program is designed.

The other alternative is to join them into one object with CTR-J / Objects Join Objects.


Thanks Guys