Selection to Grid - Messing up mesh

It’s me again, I’m having an problem with selection to grid. I’m in edit mode, and I’ve selected a part of my mesh that isn’t aligned to the grid correctly, so I want to snap it to the grid. After highlighting the area I wish to snap, I press SHIFT + S and select ‘Selection to Grid’. This does work in a ‘sense’, it successfully snaps the area to the grid, however, in the process it totally messes up my selected area of the mesh as well. Making it unusable. I’ve added an image to better illustrate the problem I’m having.

Any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re telling it to snap the selection of vertices to the nearest visible grid point.

Assuming from the image, what you really want is to move the selection of vertices, and the closest vertex on vertical and horizontal axis to align the visible grid. That you can do with increment snapping and activating absolute grid snapping option for it on the header. Then with active element pivot the active vertex in the selection is the one that will align the grid while moving and snapping.

I believe I’ve followed your instructions, but it still isn’t snapping it where I want it to. I’ve attached a picture of my settings, is this correct? :confused:

Yes and no. Snapping is set as suggested, but pivot point is still the default median.

JA12, thank you for your assistance. Thanks to you, I’ve solved my problem :slight_smile: