Self-collision detection in rigged IK chains

Hi there!

I would like to model a snake-like object that consists of several cylindric segments, and I would like to detect if the segments intersect.
The segments are rigid bodies that are bound to an armature. The pose of the armature is calculated by the IK solver.
The collisions of each segment with external objects can be detected, but with the other segments not. If I duplicate a segment and use it without the armature - as an external object - it is working too: collision is detected.
The problem can be that the segments are bound to the armature and are hence not considered as separate objects, thus no collision is detected.
What is the solution for this problem? I use Blender v2.65.

use object that are linked with 6do4 Rigid bodies in a chain, use the objects as Ik targets, then make them invisible, these can collide and deform your mesh, :slight_smile:

Go to layer 1 and hit P


Worm2.blend (601 KB)