Self learner... Road to first showreel.. Need critique

I don’t know if it’s the right forum to do this as I’ve only joined yesterday, but I got into learning 3D about 3 months ago.I have since practiced some sculpting( which I really enjoyed) and some retopology(which I did not enjoy). Since then I’ve decided to transition into this field and get a job once I understand the ins and outs. I have a good idea/concept for my animation showreel and hope I’ll learn most of the basics of everything 3D in trying to complete that.

Since no one around me belongs to the world of 3D, I thought it might be helpful to get some online critique. I’ll post updates of my showreel progress here though it might be a bit slow because every thing is new for me and I work a full time job.

Here’s my first post on this thread. This is a sculpt of the main character of my showreel. Please critique this and let me know what I can improve. I’ll post the retopologised version tomorrow. Thank you.

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Here’s the retopo’d version

Glad to hear you want to join the 3D Space. Its quite hard in the beginning but once you have the basics is fun

Some quick note:

In the beginning i would purely practice sculpting since retopologizing your first sculpted meshes is not that useful. But Good to learn the process or workflow.

You want to go for one of the hardest things the human body in 3D. I would say first practice only the head and then the proportion of the body relative to the head. Its one of the hardest and forms are more important than details.

You can have a look here and try recreating the female or male head with his tips:

For the retopo there is a useful brush in sculpt mode the relax brush. Hold shift and go over the mesh to even out the vertices of the retopo. That looks nicer and is also better for later. Also get reference of retopo faces and characters and try to observe how they did it.

-> Get reference of what you want to do, here i guess an old men.

Have fun.

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Thanks for your reply and encouragement. I have indeed been sculpting for some time now. And I still want to keep practicing it. But I only get 2 days in a week that I can completely devote to this.

I wanted to atleast go through the whole pipeline of creating an animation from scratch once before specialising. I feel like I have a great idea for a showreel and that’s what drives me to learn new concepts each day.

And that inspiration is very important to me. I’ve been curious about 3D for years and downloaded blender multiple times, ending up watching the donut series but it always ended with me uninstalling blender within a day or two. That’s because I didn’t find it exciting to create a donut then and I don’t find it interesting now. While I understand it’s importance and will create objects like those if and when needed, it is straight boring. Sculpting’s what kept me glued to my computer uptil now and I will keep on with it but I believe if I don’t move forward now, I won’t be able to complete the showreel even by the end of the year which is already an ambitious project for me at this stage.

Having said that, there are going to be other characters in my showreel which I will sculpt and will hopefully get better as I work through it.