self portrait WIP

a WIP of myself
crits? i cant seem to do faces to well :S so if any one can help me out much apreciated.

1 hour Photoshop 6.0 + wacom tablet

Wow! :o

The shirt’s wrinkles are excellent! The shading on the arms is also very good! It is kind of hard to judge any further. Cant wait to see more!


Excellent start. I agree about the shirt detail. Very good.



I think the hardest thing to do with the face is the eyes and the nose.

The way I do it is to have the nose to be conected with the eyebrow and to have it so it is just above the eye so it has a nice bone affect.

Basicly the face is just a T shape. So think of it like that.

I would advise to look in a mirror while you sketch the painting…

Happy Drawing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres somthing I did:

Notice the T on the face as the nose and the brow meet.

Of course this was just a 2 minute sketch and if you spent time it could look amazing using this method. :slight_smile: