Self Portrait

Just decided to try a self portrait based on Torq’s face tutorial. Right now I’m in the very early stages. C&C welcome and requested.:slight_smile: This is my first human face attempt.

[Edit] Sorry for the crap pic, old one removed and replaced with a newer one with more progress. Second pic is the reference shots of my head without a mesh obscuring them.

[Edit 2] Rough finish of head, I’ll do more tweaking tomorrow.


show us a solid mesh

Okay. For some reason my nose looks pointy from a rotated view, but I haven’t done the nostrils or anything yet. The rotated views are in orthographic mode.


A little squashed in the x direction…

Tweaked the shape of my head a bit, added an edge loop around the ear to allow me to round out the side of the face a bit to match the reference.


hmm U gonna make an entire human model?

Nah, this is just so I can practice on faces and heads. Maybe eventually I could put a body on, but modeling and texturing the head is going to be the focus for now.

hmm now the “great irratant” the ears!!! hmm UV map ur face on to your model…just an idea

Could we see your face without a wire? Something seems wrong with the model shape in the front view.

OOOOPS! Crappy dial up connection didn’t load the pics. Sorry.

Okay, now I know what’s wrong. The head matches the picture in side view, but in front view it’s way too pointy and thin. Widen the upper section and it’ll look much better.

Better? I’m having trouble doing the nose…

[Edit] Here’s the .blend at this point: link The reference photos are packed with it.

[Edit 2] Sorry, the packing didn’t seem to work.
size = 8.00 X ofs = 0.24 Y ofs = 0.25<—Front
size = 8.00 X ofs = -0.50 Y ofs = 0.00<—Side


Just made a quick turn around animation… .AVI 3.11 MB

Here’s the problem. The photo is in perspective and you’re probably modeling in orthographic. Hence, the face looks off when you view it in perspective.