A few weeks ago, I started making myself in Blender for a VFX shot in a trailer I am making. Coincidentally, Blending Life started the day after I started working. This isn’t for that competition. I have been periodically requesting help on particular things in the support forums, so I decided to put up a WIP to get some extra help. I am not skilled enough to make a photorealistic version of myself. My goal is to make “CG me” as close as possible, so that from a distance with a lot of motion blur and some good compositing work, I can make it look decent.

Here’s a question: can you have a single mesh use two particle systems simultaneously? I would like to create a seperate particle system for the eyebrows & facial hair.

I am about to start modeling the clothing. This is what I have so far. Comments, tips and criticisms more than welcome.


the lighting makes it hard to see the model but it’s looking good

I think the legs could use some more shape
but if you are going to put some clothes on - it doesn’t matter 'cos you work see most of the model

My thoughts exactly. I wasn’t really happy with the legs, but I decided to leave them be and move on because I wouldn’t see them anyway. In fact, most of the details on the body were probably a wasted effort, but I put them there in case I want to use this model for different things in the future.

The hair is looking a little bit too much like Playdough right now. I’m not sure how to improve that. Any suggestions?

Made a little progress modeling the clothing. All I have to do now is make the jacket, finalize the clothing textures and start playing with soft body settings.

Anyone know a good tutorial for realistic softbodies for hair? It might reduce the ammount of time I have to spend testing.


This is cool.